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this wiki is dedicated to the entertainer and musician bill wurtz, and is free to edit. however, before starting, make sure to read the rules first, and don't hesitate to ask a staff member any questions you may have.

the wiki is far from complete, and all editors are welcome. we currently have 223 pages and 2,436 edits.

Might quit coverAt The Airport Terminal coverJust Did A Bad Thing coverChristmas Isn't Real coverSlow Down coverLong Long Long Journey coverWhen I Get Older coverThe Moon Is Made Of Cheese coverMount St Helens coverI'm Best Friends With My Own Front Door coverHallelujah coverHello Sexy Pants coverAnd The Day Goes On coverLa De Da coverOutside coverGot To Know coverMovie Star coverI Love You coverIn California coverAlphabet Shuffle coverthis is a song for my next albumI'm Confused coverGonna Be Alright coverNew Canaan coverWe Could Just Get High coverSchool coverTuesday coverstuck in a rut

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